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1 Day Acuvue 30pack

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Type : Daily Disposable
Contains : 30 lenses per box 
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Diameter  :
Manufacturer  :
Johnson & Johnson
Material  :
30 lenses per box
Packaging  :
30 lenses per box
Availability  :
In Stock
1 Day Acuvue contact lenses are a convenient and healthy way to wear your contacts.

Lens care and messy solutions are not required - just wear them one day and throw them away the next!
Ideal for allergy sufferers that experience discomfort from other contact lenses.

1 Day Acuvue contact lenses have the highest UVA and UVB protection available.

Feel confident as these contact lenses require no lens care, cases or solutions.

1 Day Acuvue contact lenses are ideal for customers that are nearsighted or farsighted.